Why is My House Not Selling?

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When it comes to selling your home, there’s a lot to get right and a lot to avoid. There are many reasons why your house is not selling, but we hope to give you some pointers below. Purchasing a house is often one of the most significant decisions a person/couple/family will ever make, as we’re sure you remember when you bought yours, so even the tiniest thing could discourage them from putting an offer down.

It’s crucial to get into the mindset of the buyer and understand what it is they’re looking for, and what you can do to make your home more appealing to people coming to view it. It’s a highly competitive market, and homeowners must find a way to differentiate their property from the other houses on the market.

A Sold House

So, here are some aspects of selling your home that can prevent a sale, as well as a list of qualities that buyers are looking for in a home:

Why my House is not Selling?

  • No kerb appeal

The state of the outside of a house can be enough of a reason for potential buyers to not even want to take a look inside. Keep the exterior of your home looking well maintained and cared for, especially when you have the photos taken for the estate agent’s website. Give the front door a lick of paint, mow the grass, de-weed and make sure the gutters are cleared and cleaned. Your front door is the first thing people see, and they will want to like what they see before they even consider booking a viewing.

  • Too much clutter

Yes, all your things will be gone once you sell the home, empty and free for the new occupant to fill with their belongings, however, that doesn’t mean that your clutter won’t discourage a buyer. Too much mess and clutter can be seriously off-putting to a buyer, as they will struggle to imagine what the house looks like when it’s clear. Make sure you do a big de-clutter of the entire home before your first viewing.

  • The house is too personalised

There’s nothing wrong with leaving a little splash of personality in the home’s décor, but too much and you run the risk of alienating the people viewing the property. You want the people looking round to imagine that they could live there and build a home, but this can be difficult if every inch of space is taken up by photos and portraits of your family.

De-personalise the house before viewings by moving the photos and any children’s drawings stuck on the fridge. The look of a house in a furniture catalogue should be the look you’re aiming for, as this allows people to project their own ideas of a home into the space.

  • Being present during viewings

When you show your home, you may feel the need to be present to tell the potential buyer all the great things about your house as well as answer any questions. However, this can be incredibly off-putting to a buyer, as they may feel rushed, watched or too anxious to ask certain questions. The estate agent is there for a reason, let them handle the viewings.

A Messy Garage

What Are Buyers Looking For?

  • Double glazing

Double glazed windows are considered a necessity these days, and fortunately the majority of properties in the UK already have them installed. However, if your property is one of the few still with single glazing, it’s worth updating those windows to not only increase the value on your home but increase your chances of making a sale.

  • Security

Safety and security are crucial to people. The doors and windows in the property should be dependable and robust to give the reassurance that they are not an easy point of entry for thieves. Consider getting garden lights installed to heighten the feeling of security.

  • Broadband connectivity/phone coverage

Don’t underestimate the power of an internet connection to sway buyers. If your home gets great broadband and/or phone coverage, it’s something worth highlighting to potential buyers.

  • Cleanliness

This should go without saying, but a messy/dirty home is a sure-fire way to put buyers off. You should do a deep clean of the entire property, top to bottom and every single room before your first viewing and try your best to keep it clean and tidy until it’s sold. This includes eliminating any bad smells from the likes of smoking or pets – you should consider leaving pets with a relative or friend during the viewing process. It might even be worth hiring a professional cleaner to do the job, and even having the carpets deep cleaned. It could make all the difference.

  • Updated bathrooms/kitchens

The kitchen and bathroom are valuable rooms in the house. Buying a home that desperately needs updating can be off-putting to potential buyers. It’s important that these rooms are stylish with updated appliances. Upgrading the likes of a kitchen table top can be expensive, but it can add serious value to your home. Upgrading plumbing fixtures can make your property sell faster, but you may not recoup their full value.

  • Dedicated workspace

More and more people are working from home, especially young professionals looking to buy their first home. Houses that have a dedicated workspace are attractive to these kind of buyers for that reason. If you have a spare room going unused or being used as an additional bedroom, consider transforming it into a home office to appeal to remote workers.

  • Energy efficiency

There’s a big emphasis on being green nowadays, with homes that offer energy-efficient features appealing to buyers more than ever. Consider installing LED lights, a programmable thermostat or a water metre to make your home greener and appeal to those environmentally friendly conscious buyers.

Energy Efficient Home


The best advice we can give you is for you to put yourself in your buyers shoes and take a very critical look at your property, and really examine all the details and then ask yourself “Why is my House not Selling?”.

We hope these tips will help you be on your way to selling your home. At Easylet & Sale, we can offer you assistance selling your home in Hastings or Brighton. So if you’re looking for an estate agents in Brighton or an estate agents in Hastings, contact us today.

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