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You’ll probably be feeling a mix of emotions when you come to sell. The key thing to remember is that selling a property is a basic legal transaction, as long as you do the right things, in the right order, it doesn’t have to be difficult and as your estate agents in Brighton or your estate agents in Hastings , we’ll take care of all the details, and provide professional support, information and advice every step of the way.


Step 1: Ask us for a valuation

We’ve been in property since 2001, so we know the town’s property market intimately. We take a straightforward, honest approach to valuations and pricing, so you can be confident that our numbers are considered, sensible and achievable.

Step 2: Select Your Easy Let and Sale Plan

We offer two plans for selling your home:

Comprehensive – this includes a full range of services, such as local, national and online advertising, professional photography and floorplans.

Premier – in addition to our Comprehensive services, you’ll receive two days’ assistance from our professional maintenance and repairs team to help get your property in top condition ready for sale. They’ll take care of things that you might not notice any more, but a prospective buyer definitely will. You’ll also get 10% off our in-house plumbing, gas or cleaning services should you need them.

Step 3: Instructing a Solicitor

We strongly advise instructing a solicitor to help with your sale. Very often, they’ll be looking after your title deeds, so when you get an offer, they can send out a draft contract straightaway. They can also respond to queries and requests for information from your buyer’s lawyers, which helps to keep things moving. If you don’t have a local solicitor, we’ll be happy to recommend one.

Step 4: Get Your Property Ready for Market

Sometimes it’s worth investing in new paint, a replacement carpet or selected furnishings to make your property more attractive; equally, it’s sometimes advisable to leave well alone. We’ll be happy to advise on what’s right for your property, and bring in the experts you need to get the place looking its best.

At the very least, you need to make sure everything’s tidy; repositioning or even removing furniture can help make rooms feel more spacious. This is also a good time to have a more general declutter, if only to reduce how much you have to pack up!

Your buyer will usually want a survey before they commit. They’re much more likely to get a good report – and offer you a better price – if you’ve carried out some basic repairs and maintenance beforehand. This is where selecting our Premier Plan can really pay off.

Step 5: Advertise Your Property

We’ll arrange professional photography and prepare a full set of details and accurate floor plans. We’ll use a combination of techniques to promote your property, including our own website, listings on Rightmove and Zoopla, ‘For Sale’ boards, window displays in our offices, and our regular property ads in local newspapers and magazines.

Step 6: Arrange Viewings

This is also part of our job, but it’s much easier for everyone if you can be as flexible as possible. We’ll accompany potential buyers to answer questions and provide information; we’ll also pass on any feedback to help you prepare for future viewings.

Step 7: Receive an Offer

We’ll let you know verbally when an offer comes in, then confirm it in writing, as required by law. It’s entirely up to you whether you choose to accept, negotiate or reject it: whatever you decide, we’ll provide all the advice and information you need.

Step 8: Accept the Offer

If you’re happy with the offer, we’ll inform the buyers, then set out the terms in a Memorandum of Sale. This isn’t legally binding, but you need to check it carefully, as correcting errors or making changes can slow things down. Your solicitor will then send a draft contract to your buyer’s solicitor, beginning the formal legal process, called conveyancing. There will usually be further negotiations, and we’ll advise and assist as required. At this point, you’re not legally obliged to sell, so you can still pull out if your circumstances change.

Step 9: Exchange Contracts

At exchange, you and your buyer are legally bound to go through with the deal. Both sets of solicitors will check the details: assuming everything’s in order, you’ll sign the contract, and your buyer will pay a deposit, generally around 10% of the sale price, into to your solicitor’s bank account. Technically, you’ve now sold your property; all that remains is to set a completion date.

Step 10: Completion

The balance of the monies is transferred into your solicitor’s account, and then into yours. The sale is now complete – hence the name – and we can release the keys to your buyers. And that’s it!

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