Five Things That Ruin A Property Sale – And How To Avoid Them

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At Easy Let & Sale, our estate agents in Brighton and our estate agents in Hastings try to make things as easy for you as possible when you are selling your home, but we know that sometimes it is a difficult process. No matter how well prepared you are, mattes can arise outside of your control, and property deals can be put in jeopardy because of this. Don’t despair because we know many of the most common matters that ruin a property sale, and we can help you to avoid them.

  1. Solicitors being too slow to respond
  2. Minor disputes causing problems that lead to a deal collapsing
  3. Buyer’s remorse
  4. Problems in the property chain
  5. The outside of your home not matching up to the inside

Solicitors being too slow to respond

When a solicitor doesn’t communicate well or quickly, they place a property deal at risk. Therefore, you need to ensure that you have a solicitor who has a good reputation for communicating and meeting the needs of their client. Your property sale is your top priority, and you need people who will help with this.

You should read reviews online and ask around if anyone has experience of local solicitors. We are always happy to make recommendations about solicitors we have found to be reliable. You may be surprised at the difference a reputable solicitor can have on a property deal, so make sure you find one you can trust.

Minor disputes causing problems that lead to a deal collapsing

You may be surprised at how a hugely important property deal can collapse due to minor disputes or disagreements. It is vital that you define what is important to you when it comes to property deals and what you are willing to give away in negotiating.

This is the ideal starting point for dealing with minor disputes in a property sale and ensuring that your deal won’t collapse over a trivial matter.

Buyer’s remorse with a property sale

You may think that there isn’t much you can do if a buyer changes their mind, but you can try to make the offer more appealing to a buyer. If there are aspects you are willing to compromise on, do so and make the buyer feel as though they are getting the best of the negotiations.

If you can make other changes at your property without compromising too much on cost, you should find that you can minimise the likelihood of a buyer changing their mind about the property.

Problems in the property chain

Avid ruining property salesWhile there may not be much you can do to influence the behaviour of people further along your property chain, you can minimise your exposure to problems with a property chain.

Any homeowner that is fortunate enough to have more than one offer should consider the status of the respective buyers. It is natural that vendors will focus on price but if a buyer isn’t part of a chain, they may be the preferred option, as this removes the likelihood of a problem arising.

The outside of your home not matching up to the inside

It is natural that you spend time, effort and money on making the inside of your home as appealing as possible, but what about the outside? This is where you make the first and lasting impression on a prospective buyer, so you need to ensure that the outside of your home is as appealing as possible.

At Easy Let & Sale, we know the problems that can blight property deals, and we know how to avoid them. If you are looking for support and guidance in selling your home, our agents in Brighton and Hastings can help you. Contact us and we will do everything we can to support you.

Thank you for all your hard work and publicity!

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