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We’re here to help you with all the practical and legal aspects of your tenancy. Below are the answers to some of the questions we’re asked most often. For any queries, problems or concerns, we’re your first point of contact: just call us on 01424 44 70 80 or email info@easyletandsale.co.uk.

What references do I need?

Understandably, your landlord needs reassurance that you can pay your rent, and that you’ll look after their property. In practice, this means references from a previous landlord, bank, employer and/or accountant. The law also requires proof of address and photo ID (such as a passport or driving licence), and a few other safeguards, including a credit check.

How is my deposit protected?

Your deposit is held by the Deposit Protection Scheme, so you can be sure your money is safe.

What should I do if something breaks, goes wrong or stops working?

We provide a full home maintenance and repair service. If there’s a problem, you can call 01424 44 70 80 or complete our online form and we’ll get it sorted out for you. 

In the case of a gas leak, you must immediately evacuate the property and contact the National Grid Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999. Then you should contact us to report the incident.

Do I need to contact the utility companies when I move in?

Yes. Reading the meters and informing the utility companies should be the among first things you do when you arrive at your new home - and also the last thing you do when you leave it.

What if I want to move out?

How and when you can move out will depend on your tenancy agreement. Whenever that is, you’ll need to give us written notice, sent by recorded delivery.

What should I do with my keys when I move out?

Unless your agreement says otherwise, you should return all your keys to our office, together with your completed end-of-tenancy form, on the day you move out.

What can I do about noisy neighbours and other local problems?

We encourage you to try to resolve disputes with neighbours directly if you can. If this proves impossible, you should contact your local council, especially if the problem concerns noise or anti-social behaviour.

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