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Times change and markets rise and fall, but bricks and mortar remains a safe, attractive and potentially profitable place to put your money. Whether you’re an experienced investor or just starting out, looking for a retirement income or dream of founding a property empire, we’re here to help you achieve your investment ambitions. Start your investment journey in HastingsBexhill or St Leonards with Easy Let & Sale by ultilising our investment yield calculator to help you see what you can expect to earn on a buy-to-let investment.

Step 1: Sort out your finances

Your first step is to make sure you have the funds in place, so you can make an offer when you find the right property. If you need advice, we can put you in touch with the appropriate professionals.

Step 2: Find the Perfect Property

Obvious as it sounds, you need to remember you’re not choosing a property to live in yourself: you’re looking for somewhere you can rent out to others. Your main considerations are how much renovation, repair and refurbishment work you want to do, what kind of tenants you want to attract, and how much rent you need it to yield. We’ve been helping people choose investment properties since 2001, so we’ll be happy to advise, based on our detailed knowledge of the local market.

Step 3: Attract the Right Tenants

Once you’ve purchased a property, we’ll help you find the right tenants to occupy it. We started out as lettings agents, so you’ll benefit from our wealth of local knowledge and experience. For more details on how we go about selecting and securing tenants, including all the legal and admin work that goes with it, please see our Landlord Guide.

Step 4: Manage the Property

How much money you make depends on how effectively you manage the property. Attending to maintenance and fixing problems quickly helps maintain the property’s value, and keeps the tenants happy – which in turn makes them more likely to stay, securing your rental income long-term. We can provide a comprehensive property management service, using our own in-house team of handymen and specialist tradesmen, to offer you and your tenants complete peace of mind. We’ll also handle all the day-to-day admin to ensure the tenancy runs smoothly and complies with all the relevant legal requirements.

Step 5: Build Your Portfolio

Our letting agents in Bexhill-on-Sea and our letting agents in hastings can make regular assessments of your property’s value to ensure the rent is set correctly. This is vital if you’re planning to add to your portfolio, since the rental income will determine how much a buy-to-let mortgage lender will give you.

We can help you with each step of the investment journey. If you’re thinking of investing, or already a landlord and need advice on your next move, call us on 01424 447 080, alternatively email us at

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