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Get the Home of Your Dreams Now

Jan 8, 2021  |   easylet  |  Categories: Buying

Many of us share the dream of property ownership. The idea of walking into our homes and knowing that they belong to us. No longer “wasting” money on rent but … Read More

James Burton: St. Leonard’s is his Legacy

Feb 13, 2020  |   easylet  |  Categories: Hastings


He was the most famous builder and property designer in England at one point. But today, few outside Hastings and St Leonard’s are aware of him. This is despite … Read More

Things to do this Christmas in Hastings

Dec 4, 2019  |   admin  |  Categories: Hastings

Christmas is fast approaching, and while you may be busy buying presents, wrapping paper and pigs in blankets, you should definitely make time for all the fantastic Christmas-themed events that … Read More

How Long Does It Take to Sell a House?

Nov 11, 2019  |   admin  |  Categories: Buying

When trying to sell a house, there are a lot of factors that can influence exactly how long this will take, some of which you will have control over, others … Read More

Events Going on in Brighton in 2019

Sep 2, 2019  |   admin  |  Categories: Brighton

Brighton is a bustling resort that is home to a vast range of fantastic bars, restaurants and clubs. Whether you’re looking for drinking, dancing, leisure activities or live entertainment, there’s … Read More

Thank you for all your hard work and publicity!

Richard Sumner Vendor Premier Service October 12, 2018

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