Students: Tips To Make You The Best Tenant

Students: Tips To Make You The Best Tenant

Oct 8, 2018  |   Admin   |  Categories: Renting, Student

While there are many things for a landlord to consider, finding the right tenant must be a top priority. Some landlords may have personal motives to let to a tenant … Read More

Brighton Landlords: Selective Licensing Approved – What It Means To You

Oct 1, 2018  |   Admin   |  Categories: Buy to Let, Renting

It is vital that landlords remain fully informed about legal requirements impacting on their business. Landlords in Brighton should be aware that new legislation, selective licensing, is coming into effect … Read More

How Landlords Can Still Offer Value with Rising Rents In Brighton

Sep 29, 2018  |   Admin   |  Categories: Buy to Let, Renting

News that rent in Brighton and Hove has risen faster than any other city in England and Wales isn’t going to be positive news for tenants in the local area. … Read More

Hastings: The Best Commuter Seaside Town?

Aug 3, 2018  |   Admin   |  Categories: Buying, Hastings, Renting

Hastings is quickly becoming the place to live and commute to London.… Read More

Property investment in Hastings – what could landlords gain?

Nov 4, 2016  |   Admin   |  Categories: Buy to Let, Easylet, Renting

Arts, history, culture and an idyllic seaside setting – Hastings has it all.


Situated in East Sussex, Hastings has risen among the ranks of property investment hotspots outside of … Read More

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